Sunday, March 05, 2006

No Gold, but the Project is Done

The mosaic course in Ravenna, and my very sociable classmates, cut my knitting time way, way down. I was working hard right to the end, and missed the deadline by about 10 minutes, I think (was listening to the closing ceremonies on Italian TV, and don't speak Italian).

But I feel like a winner anyway, because the project is done. Here it is: knitted from linen paper thread with viscose sizing. Lots more information about the poncho on my blog (March 6th), plus lots of pictures of Ravenna, Venice, and mosaics.


Sunday, February 26, 2006

Another gold medal for Team Italy


After 7 days home sick, my skin has that shade of green no amount of make-up is going to cover, so, no, I am not modeling. But it is done.

DQ, DNF, or Special Olympics for me?

Well, let me know which category I belong in, please? After bursting out of the starting gate with a timely finish of the Blue Hawaii bag, I lost concentration and wandered into unplowed terrain. So tell me, am I Disqualified (DQ)? Since I did not follow my own Olympic pledge and started not 1, but 3 new projects:

First there is the camel -
flown directly from the Mongolian herders who hand spin it by an anthropologist who knows little about yarns but alot about Nomads. We just brought some into the store and it has a great feel, softening as you knit it. I'm doing the Broadstreet Mitten (minus the mitten part - for just fingerless gloves). I really like working with this yarn alot. Maybe some day I'll get to meet the camel in person ;}. I've completed the ribbing of the first hand.

Then there's the Mariposa shawl I started with our private label Jewels DK in Pink Tourmaline held with a strand of SWTC's Slimmer Shimmer. This is an interesting lace knit with pattern work on the front and back. I'm halfway through the first repeat.

Lastly, there is the baby kimono in Micro Fiber Ribbon from Tess' Designer Yarns
I've completed about 1.5" of the bottom. I'm changing the pattern as it calls for size 3 needles. I'm doing it in 7's and its coming out nice and drapey. I have big plans for the brighter colorway of this yarn in a tank top for myself, like this one. Of course, I'm going to use our Jewels DK in Onyx for the black and I have to alter the sizing so it actually fits me, but I guess I should wait until I can finish some of these projects (hah!).

Or should I be categorized as Did Not Finish (DNF)? Since after all that work above, I didn't finish any of the other Olympic UFO's I had pledged. I have made progress on the Clapotis, however, going from only 4 repeats on the straight section to 10 repeats. With the overcast conditions here in Los Altos, the color of the Oban in Tilting The Gizmo is not done justice with this picture, but at least you can see progress:

No pictures or progress on the Sally Melville vest or the Cherry Tree Hill Ella shawl. Those are waiting for another event or venue.

I'm thinking that I must be project completion disabled, so maybe I can qualify for the Special Olympics. Perhaps I can get a coach or trainer to help keep me on focus.

So lot's of knitting, but no gold for me this time. However, I do feel proud to have participated, just getting to the Olympics was a challenge for me with Stitches West, my parents visiting for 10 days, having the kids home for a week of vacation, and dog sitting (at our house of course) 2 additional Portuguese Water Dogs besides our own. I choose to continue my training in the hopes that someday I will actually complete another object. Please continue to cheer me on!

Friday, February 24, 2006

It's gold! IT'S GOLD!!!

by Alice Twain
Silvia Elisa Costa from Sesto San Giovanni (Milano, Italy) won gold for the Italy team by completing this very morning her first vest project. An excellent result for this almost novice knitter (she picked up the needles for the first time about one year ago). Costa (not related to the eight years old flower girl by the same name and also coming from Sesto San Giovanni who performed her duty last night on the figure skating ice rink, as seen on RAI 2) has thus gotten her first success in Olympic Knitting, a discipline just recently introduced in the Winter Olympic, but which we hope will become a staple event for both Winter and Summer Olympics. We sincerely hope that this will just be the first in a long series of knitting successes.


How do you feel now Silvia?
Oh, I am glad. Thrilled, actually! I had the perception that I could make it right from the start, but anything can happen during a knitting event.
You actually even picked a quite easy program.
Yes, that's true, but you see: there was a psycological problem I felt with knitting large garments (that means anything bigger than a pair of socks) and there was the time issue, after all I am a working girl. Luckily, the time issue was settled by a bad bout of insomnia which hit me during the first week and also by the stack of DVDs I just bought as special gift to myself. That helped a lot, but I still felt intimidated by the sheer size of the knitted parts. Plus, there were a few brand new things to me, like picking up all those stitches for the borders and sewing.
You also found a few obstacles in the last part of the knitting.
Yes, that's right, although they didn't really slow me down much. I had this accident when I crushed my right thumb in the drying rack while opening it up to use it as fixing surface. it was painful but not as bad as I thought at first: my nail didn't even blacken. And my granny tried twice to disrupt my fixing, changing the position of the inished vest and, after it got to the level of dryiness I wanted it, placing it astride a hot radiator to make it thoroughly dry dry as paper I would say, while I wasn't watching.
Luckinly I was fast enough to catch up with her both times, but it still astonishes me how she keeps doing such things. She ruined thus one great crocheted shrug in the past, and that one I wasn't able to salvage and I will have to frog and reknit it, and now this. What really makes me angry is that she was even a knitter years ago, but she still has no respect for my work. it makes me MAD.


And now...?
You mean, what are my plans? First I will enjoy my gold chocolate medal, which I bought last Saturday in Turin. I have already resumed to knit my lacy scarf-stole, which I expect to finish tonight or, in the wirst case, by the week-end, and I have one pair of socks to finish for my neighbor. But my plans include yet another vest, this time a cardigan vest with a different neckline, in green but using the same yarn: I have seen a lovely green at the market and I will buy it tomorrow morning, likely, and I aim at muy first sweater with sleeves, my version of AntiCraft's Curse Your Boyfriend, which in my case will become "Curse Your EX Boyfriend (and Glad he is EX)"; I already have the yarn for it. Plus I have just received by mail a lovely gift from California, some soy silk yarn, and I will have to think about what to make with it.


So, more knitting in store, eh!
Yes: lots more. But now, if you excuse me, I have some checked proofs to go through. But first I would like to thank all the friends that supported me through this wonderful, exciting trip, and Yarn Harlot who organized the Hnitting event at the Winter Olyumpics. And my family, obviously. Except my granny. And the other memers of the Team Italy.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The smell of GOLD!

Comincio a sentire il profumo dell'oro. Ho cucito Ho finito i bordi. Ho lavato. Domani stiro ed รจ fatta.

Bordo olimpico

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

teh home stretch

did some mad knitting last night on the ice princess (a.ka. the cold shoulder)
and i'm comin' down the home stretch...

i'll finish it afterdinner..

(this was a great project...instant week only of here and there knitting)

Monday, February 20, 2006

In Turin

As you can see, I am nearing gold (and as you can see I have already purchased the medal, as I am over I will eat it).

Olimpiadi Medaglia

So, saturday I went to Turin.

Torino OlimpicaThe train was crowded
Torino OlimpicaI met Neve, Glitz and Aster
Torino OlimpicaAnd visited the sponsor center

More photos are here.

And on the train back home I met this woman. Was she competing in the Tatting Olympics?


Friday, February 17, 2006

Olympic knitting in Turin

So, the back is all done. Despite my ultrafast start I am just barely on schedule, with a finished back and a started front.
Dietro Olimpico
The news is that on Saturday I will be going to Torino, to meet up with some friends. Therefore my Olympic Knitting will be done at the Olympics games. Well, actually, not really at the games: I am not planning to watch any event, but in case I hit anythink Olympic I will be taking pictures of it with my Olympic knitting. YAY!

the cold shoulder

genovesey is on hold...
i caught my first visuals's ice hockey between finland and italy.

i'm changing events to what we will call the cold shoulder...the challenge there is to make up for lost time and a raglan shoulder which i have never down.

it's a pattern from the book loop-d-loop and i'm making it out of rowan cotton tape.

i've cast on (also for the first time using a long-tail cast on method) about four times to get it right...and i'm up to shaping the arm hole....