Sunday, February 26, 2006

DQ, DNF, or Special Olympics for me?

Well, let me know which category I belong in, please? After bursting out of the starting gate with a timely finish of the Blue Hawaii bag, I lost concentration and wandered into unplowed terrain. So tell me, am I Disqualified (DQ)? Since I did not follow my own Olympic pledge and started not 1, but 3 new projects:

First there is the camel -
flown directly from the Mongolian herders who hand spin it by an anthropologist who knows little about yarns but alot about Nomads. We just brought some into the store and it has a great feel, softening as you knit it. I'm doing the Broadstreet Mitten (minus the mitten part - for just fingerless gloves). I really like working with this yarn alot. Maybe some day I'll get to meet the camel in person ;}. I've completed the ribbing of the first hand.

Then there's the Mariposa shawl I started with our private label Jewels DK in Pink Tourmaline held with a strand of SWTC's Slimmer Shimmer. This is an interesting lace knit with pattern work on the front and back. I'm halfway through the first repeat.

Lastly, there is the baby kimono in Micro Fiber Ribbon from Tess' Designer Yarns
I've completed about 1.5" of the bottom. I'm changing the pattern as it calls for size 3 needles. I'm doing it in 7's and its coming out nice and drapey. I have big plans for the brighter colorway of this yarn in a tank top for myself, like this one. Of course, I'm going to use our Jewels DK in Onyx for the black and I have to alter the sizing so it actually fits me, but I guess I should wait until I can finish some of these projects (hah!).

Or should I be categorized as Did Not Finish (DNF)? Since after all that work above, I didn't finish any of the other Olympic UFO's I had pledged. I have made progress on the Clapotis, however, going from only 4 repeats on the straight section to 10 repeats. With the overcast conditions here in Los Altos, the color of the Oban in Tilting The Gizmo is not done justice with this picture, but at least you can see progress:

No pictures or progress on the Sally Melville vest or the Cherry Tree Hill Ella shawl. Those are waiting for another event or venue.

I'm thinking that I must be project completion disabled, so maybe I can qualify for the Special Olympics. Perhaps I can get a coach or trainer to help keep me on focus.

So lot's of knitting, but no gold for me this time. However, I do feel proud to have participated, just getting to the Olympics was a challenge for me with Stitches West, my parents visiting for 10 days, having the kids home for a week of vacation, and dog sitting (at our house of course) 2 additional Portuguese Water Dogs besides our own. I choose to continue my training in the hopes that someday I will actually complete another object. Please continue to cheer me on!


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