Tuesday, February 14, 2006

KnItaly Night at Knit Night

This was not just another knit night at Full Thread Ahead, no sirree! This was a night for Team Italy to make progress on their Olympic challenges and 3 of us were actually in one place for team support.

team italy

Lu, Elspeth, and I also worked on recruiting new members to the team after getting over our shock that there are still some knitters in the world who didn't know about the knitting olympics.

I also showed off, my first completion of the competition UFO's; the Blue Hawaii bag. It was just a little big before felting:

blue before

It was still pretty darn large afterwards, but at least now if looks like a tote bag (that could tote a bale of hay):

blue hawaii after

Well having survived my first "competition" I now move onto the uphill challenges - the vest is next, I'm hoping to finish it to wear to Stitches (in only 2 days).

Go Team Italy!


Blogger Typesetter said...

I am totally envious! I am totally envious that you meet up to knit and I am totally envious that you knit in that shop so full of balls and hanks and generally speaking YARN! Ok, my friend (who decided not to join the Olmpics for various reasons) and I will still meet on Thursday (after twenty years of studying English i still have problem with the days: Tursday is giovedì, isn't it!?) and will watch THREE MORE S&TC EPISODES while drinking real italian wine and eating real Italian food... Ok, while sipping tea and after a sushi dinner.

11:44 AM  
Blogger Elspeth said...

Yes, it was quite distracting to knit with all that yarn around!

12:44 PM  

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