Sunday, February 12, 2006

I've joined Team Italy!

Lu read my last post and taking pity on me, invited me to join Team Italy for the Knitting Olympics. When I was reviewing the rules with my family, they had a long discussion (before I got to the rules 7-10) about my ancestry. However, they all agreed that I qualify based on the "Do you want to visit Italy" question.

HWACS (He Who's Allergic to Cold and Snow) remarked that he likes Italian food and thought that he should qualify based on that. When I reminded him that he doesn't knit, he offered to be the standard bearer and carry our lighted needles as our team banner.

Now if I could only figure out how to add buttons to my blog......(of course mine will be the "eat first" button in honor of HWACS).

I'll be entering as a UFO knitter - I've got waaay too many projects to start a new one. Here's my goals (as usual an over achiever) - 1) Complete the Blue Hawaii Bag from Pursenalities - knitting is done, but it has an incredible amount of finishing work; 2) complete the asymetrical vest from Sally Melville done in Cherry Tree Hill Alpine Lace and Glitter thick n thin (halfway done); 3) complete the Clapotis in Curious Creek Oban colorway - Tilting the Gizmo (halfway done); and then if those are done complete Ella in Cherry Tree Hill Wild Cherry Super Glitz (about 1/3 done).

I'll be losing at least 4 days of knitting during Stitches since we're hosting a booth. Stop by - we're at 816, 818, 820 and say "hi"!


Blogger Elspeth said...

I think just by being a friend of Lu's you count! Good luck on all the projects and I'll stop by and say hi! (Is three booth numbers a lot or standard?)

4:04 PM  

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