Monday, February 06, 2006


Stola verde
That's what I am knitting now, waiting for the Olympics to start. It's a simplish pattern stitch, in a nice cheap yarn┬╣ that, in due time, is supposed to become a stole.
So, where is the nuttyness? Check out the needles... Yes, they are the needles I should use on Friday for my Olympic knitting. Either I hurry to finish the stole, or I consider moving the stole to another needle. Crap!
┬╣ Silke by Arvier is a brand I love because they have very nice yarns for very cheap prices: it's just a pity that there is no shop that stocks them well, one has to tour markets to grab a few balls or skeins, and thye don't even have a website! I bought this subtly variegated yarn, two skeins, 100 grams each, for five euro, but coming across them was a pure matter of luck!


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