Monday, February 13, 2006

Day 3 progress

Olympia 2
Actually, I am just a tiny bit further than that, some six rows. I started the striped part on the shoulder. I have been really speeding, but from now on my progress will be noticeably slower. On the past days I have worked a lot, all of Friday night (well, from 9 pm until midnight or so), Saturday morning and a bit in the afternoon, Sunday afternoon and a bit of the night (the rest of the night was spent watching a CSI DVD & reading the new Davide van de Sfroos novel: I betrayed knitting to pursue my own pleasure! #^_^#) and a few rows this morning. From now on my knitting will considerablòy slow down due to the fact that I have, unfortunately, be at the office throughout the day doing boring stuff to keep me fed and clothed. How I wish I was paid to knit, watch DVDs and read!
Please, notice that the whole thing is kept from rolling up at the top by a copy of the Manuale di Nonna Papera (Elvira Coot's manual), Published in itlay by Mondadori on authorization by Walt Disney's copany and my favorite dessert recipe book. A cultural difference worth noticing (cultural difference between Italy and the US and between the 1970's and today) is that at elast half the recipes include some alchool, usually in tiny doses, although this is a recipebook for children.
On the Olympiky Olympics side, yesterday Italy go two more medals: as hoped and expected Armin Zoeggler won gold in the luge becoming the first Italian athlete to ever win a medal (of any color) in four Olympics in a row in the same sport. Meanwhile, Pietro Piller Cottrer won a bronze medal after an incredible last two kilometers in the Men Cross-country Skiing 30 km Pursuit.


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